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Clearbanc uses data and machine learning algorithms to underwrite your business fast. No meetings, no flights, no business plans, no pitching.


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Cost 6% Flat Fee Ownership of your company Compounding interest rates + personal guarantees Teaser rates + hidden fees
Time 24 hours Months - Years Weeks - Months Days - Weeks
Amount $10K - $10M $5M - $100M $10K - $100K $5K - $100K
Risks None You lose control of your company You lose your house You lose your good credit score
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Clearbanc's mission is to help founders grow their business with fast, and affordable growth capital.

We don't take equity, there are no personal guarantees, and no financial covenants. We are true investors, we are in this with you.

Clearbanc Leadership Team

Andrew D'Souza
Andrew D'Souza
CEO, Co-Founder
Michele Romanow
Michele Romanow
Co-Founder & Investor
Rajen Ruparell
Raj Ruparell
Serial Entrepreneur
Chamath Palihapitiya
Chamath Palihapitiya
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Clearbanc by the numbers

$150M Capital deployed in 2018
1000+ Ecom brands funded
2,069 Projected investments in 2019

“Hands down Clearbanc was the best decision we made running our music subscription business. VNYL is doing 7 figures a year and we own 95% of the business.”

Nick Alt, Founder of VNYL
VNYL is a music discovery service.

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Powered By Data Science

Our predictive, machine learning diligence is able to tailor our offers so that companies don't take too much, or too little capital. Clearbanc is just right.


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The BauBax travel jacket has 20+ special features that make journeys easier for everyone.

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Le Tote

The clothing rental subscription service featuring top brands that will make your dream closet a reality


The worlds smartest padlock with biometric fingerprint sensor (0.8 sec to freedom).


The online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers three glasses of wines every month.


Experience the only sheets that snap together. No more making the bed.

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